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9526 Combination Wood Auger Bit Set, 6 Piece 10-25mm

Drill Bits & Holesaws


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Care Instructions

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9526 Combination Wood Auger Bit Set, 6 Piece 10-25mm

Bahco 9526 Combination Auger Bit Set, contains 6 of the most popular sizes. These are dual-purpose and can be used in both electric power drills and hand braces. With a single cutting edge for easy regrinding, though the need for regrinding is reduced as it is made from hardened tool steel for a longer cutting life.

The threaded tip moderates a self-feed when using a power drill, but still sufficient self-feed when used in a hand brace. For quick precision cutting with all types of wood.

Supplied in a wallet case.

Sizes: 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25mm.