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B3294 Plastic Weld High Strength 25ml
  • SKU: BONB3294C25

B3294 Plastic Weld High Strength 25ml


Bondloc B3294 is a toughened structural adhesive formulated for bonding dissimilar substrates as well as unprepared metals, ceramics, wood, concrete and standard thermoset plastics. The final adhesive bond is designed to be load-bearing and resistant to weathering, humidity and wide temperature variations.

Applications: Outdoor weathering or solvent exposure thermoformed plastic assemblies, PVC, fibreglass, vinyls, ABS, steel aluminium, stainless steel, acrylics, phenolic, polycarbonate, styrenics, Noryl, PET, wood, concrete and ceramic magnet and speaker assembly.


Viscosity: 55,000cps
Colour: Off white
Weight: 8.44 lbs/gal
Mixed Density: 8.28lbs/gal
Flash Point: 51°F
Mixed Viscosity: No sagging gel
Open Time: 3 minutes @ 72°F, 22°C
Assembly Time: 6 minutes @ 72°F, 22°C
Functional Cure: 3/4-1 hour
Full Cure: 4 hours
Solvents: None
Coverage: (based on 25ml) 152 sq.in @ 0.010in

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester