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DT99550 XR Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, 13 Piece

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Care Instructions

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DT99550 XR Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, 13 Piece

The DEWALT DT99550 XR Reciprocating Saw Blade Set contains a selection of bi-metal blades, that are coated in a special Toughcoat finish which reduces the build up of heat, improving cutting performance and speed up to twice as much as market competitors. Suitable for applications such as cutting woods, particle boards, metals, piping, plastics, PVCs and more.

Supplied in a ToughCase Blade Carry Case. Contains the following:

5 x DT99554 XR Wood Reciprocating Blades 152mm 4/6 TPI

2 x DT99555 XR Wood Reciprocating Blades 230mm 4/6 TPI

4 x DT99553 XR Metal Reciprocating Blades 152mm 14/18 TPI

2 x DT99552 XR Metal Reciprocating Blades 203mm 14/18 TPI