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Holesaw Pilot Drills 75mm (Pack 2)

Drill Bits & Holesaws


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Care Instructions

Use a soft damp cloth and a drop of mild soap to remove any haze. Air dry.

Holesaw Pilot Drills 75mm (Pack 2)

These Faithfull Holesaw Pilot Drills are manufactured from high-speed steel for durability. They are suitable for use with Faithfull HSS arbors and most other holesaw arbors requiring the use of a 6.5mm pilot drill.

Fits the following Faithfull arbors:

FAI HSA1630 16-30mm.
FAI HSA32150 32-150mm.
FAI HSA32150QR 32-150mm
FAI HSA1630S 16-30mm.
FAI HSA32150S 32-150mm

Length: 75mm.
Pack Quantity: 2