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Pressito Hybrid Air Compressor 18V Bare Unit

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Care Instructions

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Pressito Hybrid Air Compressor 18V Bare Unit

The Einhell Pressito Hybrid Air Compressor has a high pressure pump for car/cycle tyres and balls and a low pressure pump/low-pressure suction function for air mattresses and rubber dinghies (6in1-function). It can be operated using either a power cable or an 18V battery from the Power X-Change series (NOT supplied).

The high pressure pump has a maximum operating pressure of 11 bar and an auto shut-off function ensures that the compressor stops when the adjusted pressure is reached, this can be manually preset by the user. It has a digital display with an easy-to-operate manual digital pressure indicator. The compact and light hybrid compressor can be stowed away easily and can also be taken along in the car. Integrated storage holder for the 3 piece inflation adaptor set, also supplied.

Bare Unit, No Battery or Charger Supplied.


Max. Operating Pressure: 11 bar
Suction Capacity: High Pressure Pump 21 L/min.
Output Power: 0 bar 16 L/min., 4 bar 10 L/min., 7 bar 8 L/min.
Hose Length: 710mm
Weight: 2.1kg